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Professional peeling products for healthy scalp, which removes useless keratin and the plenty of moisturizing ingredients as well as the accumulated remains on the horny layer smoothly without any stimulus. 

For the thin and easily falling out hair, this refreshing shampoo contains patented ingredients which revitalize hair. This eliminates a pollutant disturbing the growth of hair and the confirmed organic materials and some kinds of nutritious ingredients penetrate deeply to help hair make healthier in case of using continuously.

rganic lavender essential oil, Sophora flavescens extract, PONCIRI FRUCTUS extract,Vegetable hydrolysis protein, herb extract, Vitamin-E


The patented ingredient for hair's revitalization helps to promote the circulation of blood and revitalize a hair follicle and adjust the operation of male hormone. This concentrated nutriment gives nutrition to the thin and easily falling out hair.

Organic lavender essential oil, Hinokitiol, Sophora flavescens extract, Crown imperial extract.

Shake enough before applying. Apply on the parts of thin hair pressing lightly at a right angle and massage gently with the fingertips.  


It is enrichment ampoule for scalp which facilitate blood circulation of scalp and supply nutrition to hair root smoothly. It contains botanical ingredients that help absorption to scalp and is effective for scalp You can treat hair loss intensively for 8 weeks

hinokitiol, sophora angustifolia root extract, streptococcus mutans extract, lavender essential oil

You have to press the hair with clean and sharp caps after shampooing and massage with the end of hand.(Don’t wash)  

 6ml x 8ea

The nature like dandruff shampoo without pigments removes only harmful dandruff bacillus in the scalp and use the dandruff removal material having excellent persistency.

Thin hair can be healthier and this product restrain the dandruff and itching as well as balance the nutrition of scalp.

rganic green tea extract water, Climbazole, Sophora flavescens extract, Crown imperial extract, Vitamin-E 



The safe product containing confirmed organic materials is the nature like shampoo with no pigment, no alcohol and no synthetic perfume. This products have not chemical preservative in it which might cause the stimulus of scalp.

Organic herb tea, Organic olive oil, Organic rosemary/Organic lavender /Organic geranium essential oil



The nature like hair mask contains confirmed organic materials not having pigment, alcohol, synthetic perfume. This safe product without the chemical preservative dose not occur the stimulus of scalp.
Organic shea butter would be smoothly applied on your damaged hair and penetrate hair deeply for a soft and glossy hair as a deep mask.

Organic herb tea, Organic shea butter, Organic rosemary/Organic lavender/Organic geranium essential oil



* It would be better to use within 6 months after opening because the natural preservative system was used to this products by plant extracts.


Penetrates into damaged hair, recovers break strength and restore health!
New type silicon penetrates into between cuticle and cortex, repairs hair damage and restore health.
Put on hair which dried by towel. Heating 5mins / leaving 5mins after, wash hair perfectly.
(leaving time is dependable on hair type)
One drop for hair health and improvement! Adjustment water and oil balance repairs damaged hair and supplies collagen and keratin into hair, improves damaged hair to be healthy
spray on hair which dried by towel after, dry hair with cold wind.


Coats each hair and improves resilience and smoothness! Coats cuticle on surface of hair, improves resilience and smoothness. Also, formed a protection barrier on hair for keeping ingredient from S1 and S2.
After 2nd step, put on hair which dried by towel. Heating 5mins / leaving 5mins after, wash hair perfectly. (leaving time is dependable on hair type)


Double moisturized coating care forming coating layer on hair, make hair moist and shinny Argan oil provides moisture, vitamin E, tocopherol, unsaturated fatty acid etc.
New type & Long lasting 1) New type : Crystal micro emulsion type -> less sticky, long lasting 2) After CMC care hair clinic, long lasting the CMC effect 3) Before magic perm, prevent hair damage from heating 4) After perm, coloring, form coating layer on hair, provide moisture and luster



Obsidian Damage Care Line : consists of products with natural nutrients, such as botanical LPP and ceramide that restores the original vitality to the damaged hair.





1. Replenishing Shampoo complements each other to replenish and deliver much needed moisture to hair.
2. Rosemary extract aids to nourish dry and damaged hair and assist to restore hair to its original healthy state of soft and silky hair.


Laureth-23, Laure th-3, Glycol Distearate, Cetearyl alcohol, Sodium Chroride, Perfume, Polyquater nium 10, Methyl Paraben, Citric Acide, Methyl chloroisothiazolinone /Methyl isothiazolinone, Disodium EDTA, Rosmarinus Officinalis, Yellow #4, Red #227

 380g, 380ml


A shampoo specifically designed to supply the damaged hair with botanical LPP and ceramide that help restore vitality and health of the hair

The high-molecular silicone and the cationic surfactant treats the damaged hair cuticles

The natural starch polymer acts as a moisture carrier to maintain the moist and sleekness of the hair

 1,500g, 1,000g, 580g, 60g


A hair-conditioner specifically designed to supply the hair with botanical LPP and ceramide that help restore vitality and health of the hair

The multi-silicone conditioning effect protects the hair from farther damages

Soothes the rough and damaged hair, making it look sleeker and softer. Thus, it becomes easier to blow-dry or comb the hair.

 1,500ml, 1,000ml, 580ml, 60ml

A shampoo designed to protect the sensitive scalp with the extracts from dates, peppermint, and angelica keiskei and the cooling effect.

The complex of herbal extracts prevents dandruffs and itchiness, while promoting the blood circulation in the scalp to prevent aging.

Herbal Complex


- Dates : effective for removal of keratinous substances and prevention of                itchiness
- Peppermint : adds a fresh touch to the itchy scalp with a cooling effect;
                       also prevents dandruffs with its natural antibiotic effect
- Angelica keiskei : improves the blood circulation in the scalp;
                                an anti-oxidant and an antibiotic

 1,500g, 1,000g 580g ,60g


The natural cleaning agent from the coconut palm produces rich and soft foam that mildly cleanses the hair and the scalp

The Vitamin E-inducer and an innovative cation hair-protection formula protect the cuticles and maintain sleek, elastic hair



Supplies the rough and damaged hair with mineral oils and vitamins to restore health and naturalness to the hair

The Vitamin E-inducer and an innovative cation hair-protection formula protect the cuticles and maintain silkiness of the hair.



Peppermint and menthol make the skin feel refreshed, and are effective in antimicrobial activity and pain alleviation, which cools the skin when it is hot, and warms the skin when it is cold, helping the skin alleviate a fever and perspire.

It cleanses sweat, sebum and styling products cleanly, and helps prevent dandruff and pruritus for men who are under a lot of stress, drink and smoke frequently.




Improving softness of hair by providing moisture for dried and disheveled hair Moisturizing damaged hair which is dried and rough, and providing marinostin and minerals intensively.
Providing elasticity and shine botanical abyssinica oil keep hair moisture from evaporating. After using it, feel lightness of hair, and when it apply on hair, it is absorbed smoothly. Providing vitality and energy, revived ragged and dried hair.
Fresh feeling by non-sticky water base Creation of refreshing image and natural style by the refreshing smell of flowers and fruits, and clean and pure fragrance.



Natural silk protein ? complete nutrition Silk protein provides nutrition and moisture to damaged hash hair Strengthen weak hair, make hair thick and resilient, recovers healthy of damage hair, improve hair resilience.
Botanical abyssinia oil ? luster & resilience effect! Make your hair be lustrous and resilient
AMP-polymer ? long lasting retention Long-lasting polymer solution promotes hair smooth, thick, nutrition, moisturizing and keep the hair style long lasting.



Hair serum with a fresh touch containing silk protein and vegetable oils which fill
the damaged spot of the hair.




Ingredient 'Micro Silk Protein' penetrates the hair deeply and provides the dry and damaged hair by coloring, perm, etc with moisture and nutrition to make healthy hair

Optimized Silicone Oil maintains conditioning effect for long

Pump type product for easily use at salons

Fruit Floral scent with elegant and bright feeling




Instantly supplies nutrients to the hair when applied and maintains the softness and silkiness of the hair

Silk Repair Effect : the silk protein, natural ceramide, moisturizing PABC, and vitamins strengthen and moisturize the damaged hair strands

Silk Coating Effect : the mineral oils and high-molecular silicone form an evenly surfaced natural coating on the hair that prevents the loss of nutrients and protects the hair from external damaging factors.


① Concentrated Treatment


Remove the excess moist from the shampooed hair with a towel. Apply a sufficient amount of the product all over the hair. Wear a plastic shower-

② General Treatment


Remove the excess moist from the shampooed hair with a towel. Apply a sufficient amount of the product all over the hair. Rinse thoroughly afterward.

③ After-Straightening Treatment


When rinsing the hair of chemicals that have been applied to the hair for straightening, use the product and rinse thoroughly.

 1,000ml, 60ml


A leave-in type of hair conditioner that protects the hair with a perfect balance of oil and water

Protects the damaged surface of each hair strand and prevents the puffiness, making combing easier.

Maintains the softness and sleekness of the hair




Shake the container enough before spraying. Apply the product before and after various types of hair treatments, including cuts, coloring, and bleaching.