Clinic Line

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Clinic Line
orzen siginature sensitive healing shampoo

orzen siginature sensitive healing shampoo

Liquid typed scalp peeling agent that gently removes accumulated residues on scalp stratum corneum with light massage and moisturizes dry scalp

Volume : 500g

Main ingredients : 17 amino acid complexes, menthol and eco-certified glycerin

Used for : All types


Menthol component provides fresh feeling to stuffy and dry scalp.
Optimal formulation of keratin-releasing ingredients and moisturizing ingredients to help maintain oil and moisture balance between scalp and hair

It helps for balance maintenance between oil and moisture of scalp and hair due to optimal mixture of callus reliving ingredient and moisturizing component.

How to use

Shake the product well before use.
Divide dry hair into sections and apply the product to scalp. Leave naturally for 3~5 minutes.
Gently massage and rinse.